for Sharon Selectman

Eight years service on the Sharon School Committee

Emily Smith-Lee for Sharon Selectman

Sharon based attorney and business owner

Vote May 15, 2018

Proven commitment as a public servant to open, thoughtful and fair decision-making

My name is Emily Smith-Lee, and I am asking for your support for election to the Sharon Board of Selectmen.  

My family moved to Sharon seventeen years ago, like so many of us, for the schools.  Both of my children went through the Sharon Public Schools from kindergarten through graduation from Sharon High School, and we remain very happy with our decision to move here..

But the obvious commitment to education was not the only thing to fall in love with about this community: the longstanding commitment to open spaces, the incredible diversity of our town, the generosity of spirit and open-mindedness of so many of the people we have had the pleasure to know over the past seventeen years, are just a few of the others.

I have served for eight years as a member of the Sharon School Committee, and held each of the officer positions from Secretary to Chair.  I have served as Chair of the Negotiations Committee, and have helped negotiate the two most recent contracts with the Sharon Teachers' Association.  During this time I have learned a great deal not only about the needs and operations of the schools, but of the Town as well, through service on town-wide committees like Capital Outlay.  

Professionally, I have been a practicing lawyer for twenty-one years, for the last nine as the owner of a law practice here in Sharon.  This means that in addition to the experience as an employment lawyer I bring to the table, I also bring the perspective of a local business owner.

In my years on the School Committee, I believe I have proven myself as a public servant committed to open, thoughtful and fair decision-making.

I am running for the office of Selectman because I believe those qualities are every bit as important in town government as they are for the School Committee.  I am running also because I believe that my understanding of the school budget, operations, and upcoming capital needs will be an asset to the Board of Selectmen, particularly as the town grapples with significant capital needs on both the "town side" and the "school side."  

Finally, I am running because I believe it is important that our Town leadership reflect the shared values in our community relating to diversity, inclusiveness, and respect.

I hope you will visit the About Me page to learn more, and please remember to vote on May 15, 2018 at the Sharon High School!